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The Daddy Of Oleander Soup – Aspect 2 From The Oleander Series

The Daddy Of Oleander Soup - Aspect 2 From The Oleander Series

In the earlier post “A tremendous Discovery in Turkey”, the main of the number of articles about oleander, I described how Medical professional H. Z. Ozelle uncovered an age previous solution for most cancers and also other disorders in rural Turkey in the early 1960’s and, just after properly treating Countless patients over the past 40 many years, Dr. Ozel patented the medication and it was entered into FDA trials. However, right after passing section I trials, the patented medicine often known as Anvirzel has languished for lack of funding (numerous look at a the patent, centered on an age outdated cure and customary plant for being a weak a single) and inter corporation squabbles and it might be a few years, if ever, before this promising cancer fighter reaches the marketplace being an FDA approved medication.

The excellent news is that you simply don’t have to await the authorised medication, for the reason that you can make your personal oleander extract at home on your stovetop, according to the first patent by Health care provider Ozel as well as the folk cure that has been used for Many a long time. Oleander is actually a By natural means rising plant discovered everywhere in the southern and southwestern United states of america and throughout Considerably of the world, and if it isn’t expanding The natural way in your area, you are able to buy oleander vegetation from lots of mail order nurseries online. (Additionally, there are not less than 3 sources of the commercial health supplement Edition I am mindful of, but that will have to look ahead to a subsequent installment During this sequence.).

Sure, you can make your very own oleander remedy, known as “oleander soup” at home about as very easily as a considerable pot of beans, and for that, it is possible to thank a personal damage law firm by the identify of Edward File. Hensley, from San Antonio, Texas, whom I call the “Father of Oleander Soup”.

In 2020, Ed’s mother was diagnosed with liver and lung cancer, compact mobile, in addition to a sister with Hepatitis C. Ed’s sister, Catrina (Cat), commenced studying and networking with her friends for answers on the health practitioner’s prognosis that Betty Hensley only had a few months to live. Immediately after getting in contact with certainly one of her aged mates, she was instructed a few clinic in Honduras she could Get hold of and talk about a completely new most cancers drug, which was staying designed in San Antonio. Cat manufactured a handful of phone calls and located who to get the drug from. It Charge $1500.00 to get a six 7 days provide of what was called Anvirzel(TM). Cat, Ed, and their brother John place up the Original funds as well as the drug was requested.

Betty had been viewing an oncologist in San Antonio, who recommended on the challenges of chemotherapy, and radiation therapy, and The actual fact that in her State of the art phase, it might have only a little possibility of extending her everyday living, plus a large opportunity of great Unwanted side effects, like destroying her immune program. However, she did attempt chemo for numerous weeks, with no final result. When the Anvirzel(TM) arrived, she started injecting it with Cat’s help, next the Guidelines furnished by the healthcare health care provider in Honduras. Following three weeks she went in for new scans with her oncologist. The new movies confirmed the tumors in the two her lungs and her liver have been shrinking. Her physician could not directly participate in the injections, but agreed to research the drug.

If the six week offer was about absent, and Betty was quite sore at the site of her injections, Ed commenced investigating what this new drug was fabricated from, and what It is really long lasting use likely to do, and price. The FDA experienced a letter posted on its web site, warning concerning the drug, made out of the oleander plant, stating it had been unproven and shouldn’t be employed. Nonetheless, the clinic in Honduras was reporting many productive cures of many kinds of most cancers, such as juvenile Mind cancer.

Ed was determined to determine what was inside the drug, and went for the U.S. Patent Business office web site and investigated using the time period Anvirzel. Immediately after many searches, Ed identified the patent. It was about 39 pages of legalese, penned from the language of patent attorneys, who charge $four hundred for each hour for crafting patents, which only lawyers and scientists dare to go through.

Immediately after several months of portion time examine, the patent started to sound right. It was just an exceedingly puzzling, extremely detailed, and exaggerated method of building a soup out in the leaves and stems of a typical plant, oleander. No challenge. Ed experienced enormous oleander crops in his back again property, which were quite nutritious ornamentals with stunning flowers calendar year round. Building the soup was so simple as obtaining a soup pot, some clippers, an electric sizzling plate, and also a destination to Cook dinner. Ed’s spouse, Carol, wouldn’t permit him to Cook dinner it in her kitchen, so Ed was resigned to his outdoors retailer area, a 10×18 foot building storing lawn tools and seasonal sports activities devices. Just after burning numerous pots of soup as the heat was much too substantial, Ed turned down the warmth, and boiled the h2o and oleander clippings for 4 hrs. Then he took out the leaves and stems, and strained the remaining broth, utilizing paper towels and plastic strainers. For every Dr. Ozel’s strategy in the patent, he authorized the broth to chill in advance of straining. He then gradual boiled the broth until only about a person fifth of the first liquid was left in The underside on the twelve quart pot.

Ed measured the distinct gravity with an anti freeze gauge, which confirmed the measurements over a small scale. It was in which Dr. Ozel advisable during the patent, about as thick as rooster soup broth. Subsequent, 10 feeder mice were acquired and specified the new liquid, which Ed named “oleander soup”, as their only supply of liquid for 2 months, with all the mouse food they may consume. The mice gained pounds, were kind of lazy, but remained alive and searching perfectly.

Ed’s mother was about out of her source of Anvirzel at that point, so Ed took a bottle from the soup to Betty’s property to get a comparison together with her drug. It seemed the identical. It tasted the exact same. The brand new soup was refreshing, not freeze dried and re constituted, and In keeping with Betty, tasted fresher. Ed went initially and tried some, about a teaspoon. Betty then tried out it, having a teaspoon total. She declared she liked the fresh new version better, and which was that. She took oral doses thrice every day with meals, with diarrhea the sole side outcome, which subsided after a 7 days.

Her tests a few months afterwards have been surprising, showing the tumors were even now shrinking and ended up almost absent. A month later on, she had no tumors in the least. Betty quit getting the soup right after A further thirty day period, right after her doctor declared she was free of cancer.

Sadly, about 8 months later on, experience healthier, and energetic, Betty flopped down on her mattress for just a nap, and felt her collar bone snap. Assessments confirmed cancer inside the bone, and it had been aggressive. Her oncologist referred her to a different medical professional who recommended some sturdy new chemotherapy, and discouraged her from going back again within the oleander extract. In two months the chemo had slowed the bone cancer, but experienced also ruined her kidneys. She died a month later on of kidney failure, by no means getting A different fall from the oleander soup or Anvirzel, which experienced Beforehand saved her lifetime. But she reliable her oncologist, who was pretty wonderful and very persuasive. Luckily, Betty did live for being 88 a long time of age. She were a significant, two pack a day smoker since Ed’s father gave her a cigarette when she was 18. He died at 61 from coronary sickness, right related to his weighty smoking.

Catrina were dealing with Hepatitis C, a significant liver affliction, which often results in liver cancer. She commenced producing her very own oleander soup and took it, hoping it will cease her condition. It did. In a lot less than two months, her Hepatitis C was absent. Her liver enzymes have been typical. It has not returned in around two years. She has shared the recipe with Physicians from Mexico who’re dealing with lousy patients with aids, cancer, Hepatitis c, and psoriasis. A Pal of hers reviews her rheumatoid arthritis indications have gone utilizing the selfmade treatment. She laughs when describing the scene in her kitchen, by using a huge pot of boiling leaves, and two Mexican brothers, healthcare doctors, standing there getting notes regarding how to Prepare dinner one thing not almost as challenging as “boracho beans” or hen mole, two favorite Mexican dishes.

Afterwards in 2020, Ed was browsing the web, on the lookout for sites that referenced “Anvirzel”. He uncovered the Minnesota Wellness Directory website, and browse their remarks regarding how good the prospective buyers had been for this new extract comprised of poisonous oleander leaves. Ed e mailed the host the recipe and a brief summary of his analysis. Following the host, David Bonello, researched the thought along with the soup recipe, which include obtaining thoughts from his herbalist and professional medical mates, he released the recipe on his web page in his June 2020 e newsletter, with warnings about its use.

Due to the fact 2020, a terrific Lots of people have applied the recipe to help make their own oleander soup, like family and friends of Ed Hensley, David Bonello as well as the creator. Not one of them have noted a serious side impact and lots of of them have noted that their cancers as well as other Conditions had disappeared or ended up greatly were being enhanced.

Later on On this series: The Recipe for Oleander Soup

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