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Important tips for dental health and care What are you doing wrong?

Okay, up first, when is the last time you changed your toothbrush?
What is the correct way to floss?
Well, if you can’t answer, then it’s time for your to get schooled in dental hygiene.
Here’s Olga.
Great stuff but not everything is fun and games when it comes to dental health.
That’s because things like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s disease
have strong links to certain oral problems.
But, if you practice prevention and proper oral hygiene, you’ll be way ahead of the game.
Here to help us do just that is Dental Hygienist, Danielle Rogers, from Wellness Oral Care,
and she’s brought about some great new gadgets.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Thanks for being here.
Alright, let’s talk about what’s going on in terms of, you know, how if you really take
care of your mouth you can really avoid problems.
With proper oral hygiene, with the proper technique, and with proper timing, you should
be able to avoid almost all of your dental issues.
So, what do you think your patients and people are doing?
Is it that we’re not brushing correctly, we’re not flossing, we’re not doing both?
It’s actually all three.
All three are so important to your oral health to keep your health with your whole body and
your mouth.
And it’s really easy to do when you have things like this.
Now let’s talk about this.
This is like a super set.
I have my eye on this.
I like this.
Tell me about this.
This is fantastic.
This is our at-home dental center kit.
You have all of your dental needs in here.
One of the first things here that we have is the mirror.
How cute.
And it has a little light where you can actually, this is great.
Yeah, you can actually see everything.
It shows all the hidden areas of the mouth and you can look for anything suspicious,
lesions in the oral cavity.
I like that.
We also have here our tongue scraper.
This you actually will just attach here.
It’s great to remove plaque, it’s going to remove that bacteria that actually causes
bad breath.
Normally, I would do a show-and-tell, but I’m going to leave that for my personal space.
That’s probably a good idea.
And then?
We also have here in our kit is the oral irrigator, and then we also have our electric toothbrush
which are all combinations of these right here.
So, let’s talk about the electric toothbrush.
I mean, I use a standard toothbrush.
So what’s the difference?
So, with a standard toothbrush, you’re not actually going to be able to get as many strokes
in as you can with the electric toothbrush.
So this uses sonic wave technology.
With that, it actually gets tens of thousands of brush strokes per minute.
So it’s actually going to be able to remove more plaque and more bacteria from the mouth.
And how does this work?
So, actually, you just hit this button here.
You have the high, the medium, and the low setting.
Yeah, it’s great for everybody that likes different textures in their mouth.
And do you use it at certain angles?
Yes, you want to use this at a 45 degree angle at your gum line.
The reason being is you want those bristles to actually go into the gum tissue, and it’s
going to help remove more plaque, more bacteria, while stimulating that gum tissue and keep
it nice and healthy.
You always want to make sure you are brushing for at least 2 -3 minutes.
You want to spend at least 30 seconds in each area of the mouth if you are breaking your
mouth into four different quadrants.
So important.
You want to make sure the timing is dead on, and this actually has a timer to do so.
So it shuts off by itself?
Yup, after two minutes.
And why is it important not to do too much?
You don’t want to do too much because you can also, over time, start to brush away that
tooth structure and the gum tissue as well.
Alright, let’s talk about this one here.
Okay, so this here we have our oral irrigator, also known as a water pik.
So, with this, if you have anyone with braces, if you have bridges or crowns, anything like
that, this is a must-have in your home.
This is good for my daughter.
She just got braces and she’s finding it very hard to floss, and I’ve got to be honest,
she’s giving up.
This is a great product to help with that.
Because they have so many hard to reach areas in your mouth, this can actually get into
those cracks and those crevices to remove all that plaque and the food that gets stuck
along with braces.
Now what is that?
This, actually, is our countertop wireless UV sanitizer made for your toothbrushes.
You actually just pop your toothbrush in.
As soon as you pop your toothbrush in, it turns on for 5 minutes and it actually shuts
off on its own, so you don’t have to worry about it again.
How cute.
It reminds me of the baby bottles when my kids were little.
I used to stick them in so then it makes them nice and clean.
Which is so important.
Now tell me about all that bacteria that gets there.
So, you actually can get E.coli, you have staph, and strep that can all be found on
your toothbrush.
With aerosols, most people keep their toothbrush in their bathroom.
So anytime you flush the toilet, those aerosols dispense in the air and they can actually
land on your toothbrush.
It’s becoming more and more popular as people are realizes how dirty their toothbrush actually
So, the bottom line is it’s not just important to have a beautiful smile — which by the
way, you do — but it’s really important to keep our mouth healthy.
So important.
A healthy mouth promotes a healthy body.
For more information on these products, where do we go?
You want to go to WellnessOralCare.com.
Alright, thank you so much.
You really do have a beautiful smile.
Thank you.
I think I’m going to grab this one for my daughter.
Do you mind?
I would love for you to take that.
That’s going to help her out so much!
Samantha’s going to be thrilled.
Thank you so much, again.
And for more information on all these great dental care items you saw today, just go to
our website TheBalancingAct.com and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
Use them and smile.
Be healthy, too.

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