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Billie Eilish: You judge people by their bodies

Billie Eilish, one of the most successful young pop stars in the world, reacted to body shaming in her last concert. The young star called for people not to be judged on their choices. 18-year-old American pop-populer Billie Eilish reacted to people’s trials on their bodies and clothing choices with the words “I am not a woman if I am comfortable, I am a bitch if I break the borders” during her last tour in Miami. Eilish, who had bad times due to peer bullying in adolescence, said in a statement he said before, “I started to develop very early. I had breasts at the age of 9, and at the age of 11 I became my first period. My body was developing faster than my brain. ” Eilish, 18, still prefers plenty of outfits that will not reveal her lines because of her body structure, which she thinks does not meet global beauty standards. In a video projected on stage among 22-song concerts, Billie Eilish takes off her clothes and stays in her latest bra. At the end of the clip, Eilish calls people to break the judgments about body measurements, and says, “We make a decision about who we are.”

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