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Welcome to my 50 best Airfryer dessert recipes of all time and especially to 50 fantastic recipes for pudding that are so simple that your kids can make them with you.

This best dessert recipe list ever. Imagine the scene. It is a cold winter Sunday morning here in the Algarve in southern Portugal and this dream that it is warm every day is not true at the beginning of January.

We stayed all night with our colic-like baby and now have to work all day. Add a sophisticated toddler and a teenager, and we just want a good old comfort meal.

We want to sit there and sink our teeth into soft and tough chocolate biscuits or enjoy a warm chocolate cake.

But we have this terrible habit when we are tired, which is to put the baking in the oven, forget it and then leave it there for too long. Then you sit there with a great craving for chocolate and burn chocolate biscuits. Then you wonder if it was worth making them at all.

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